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Mission Statement and Bylaws

The GCECG will endeavor to provide emergency radio and electronic communications in support of GCOEM's mission by handling emergency messages (traffic) during such emergencies when normal public communication systems (telephone, email and private data communications) are not functioning or are overloaded. This goal will be accomplished primarily by using facilities and equipment at the Galveston County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) as provided by GCOEM and others, and by operating traffic nets and initiating direct communications (originating and delivering messages) with desired parties during GCOEM declared emergencies which may involve natural disasters (storms, floods, fire, earthquakes), large-scale accidents (MCI), industrial accidents (chemical releases/explosions, hazmat incidents), weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, war, civil defense/preparedness, and homeland security (an "all hazards" approach).


Click here to read the GCECG Bylaws

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